SCORE!!! Sam had tweeted a couple of days back shortly after his escapade at the library with Charu.

His tweet was favourited by his many friends and some had spun curious and imaginative stories about what Sam could have scored.

Sam was homophobic and made no bones about his hate towards men who like their own kind.

“@HailLiverpool - Rumour has it that @Samy has been abducted by aliens and he has to fuck and #score as many women as possible to escape"

“@MokkaJoke - He seem to have developed a rare disease where all his body parts are revolting against the overworked Joe"

“@RowdyOnTheRoof - The disease makes his entire body go weird and horny. He is confused what to do with what"

“@MokkaJoke - Now he has to use his body parts and make out many girls, women, aunties, grannies as possible to find a way to get out"

“@RowdyOnTheRoof - @Samy Where the hell are you?"

“@MokkaJoke - He also has to figure out which of his body part gives him maximum sexual pleasure"

“@HailLiverpool - The catch is whenever he fucks he loses vital energy"

“@RowdyOnTheRoof - So @Samy has to kill the lady after, to restore his energy"

“@HailLiverpool - Each level he starts with an older women and then goes onto younger ones: P They are guarded by fierce body guards too"

“@HailLiverpool - The girls would all be seductive but after they fuck they would become aggressive and violent"

“@RowdyOnTheRoof - BREAKING NEWS!! #BBC says @Samy suddenly has realized that the girl he was merrily fucking was actually a BOYYY!!! :P"

“@MokkaJoke - LMAO:P:P"

“@HailLiverpool - Buhahaaaaaa ROFL"

Sam did not reply to any of their tweets. He had been busy with the JARVIS app that he was developing on the Android mobile OS platform.

Aditya aka @HailLiverpool sent an SMS to Sam.

“Dude! Where the fuck r you? Check the tweets ass"

Sam was disturbed and angry at the insinuating jokes directed at him. He especially hated the gay references. Sam was homophobic and made no bones about his hate towards men who like their own kind. But he was pleasantly surprised at the discussions around his sexual prowess and he believed that this might make him popular among girls.

“What the hell is wrong with you assholes?"

“I am so fuckin angry,"Sam messaged him back.

“If you care much, come on twitter and handle it yourself: P"

“Ok come on chat,"Aditya nudged him.

Sam remained silent briefly and then logged into FB chat.

“What the hell?
"Where did you disappear?"
“I am here only"
“Busy with college"
“What’s all the fuss?"
“Well for a start, what’s happening with you and Charu?
“So did you actually do it?
“Dei. Did you do her? Isn’t that why you tweeted SCORE!!!??? B-)"
“Mother fucker, what the hell happened?"
“YES! We did it :)"
“And I am not telling you anything more. :P :P"
“Dei. You know me well. I will come to your college now and beat the shit out of you"
“So out with it"
“On a different note how can you and the other bastards talk such shit on Twitter"
“I should kick your ass first"
“Hey, don’t be a prude. All in fun"
“Ya right!"
“But the conversation gave me good ideas for my JARVIS project"
“Bleddy!! Listen"
“There is this concept called ‘polymorphous perversity’"
“It refers to the human ability to gain sexual pleasure outside socially accepted sexual behaviors"
“I am quoting Freud who theorized…. ‘That humans are born with unfocused sexual libidinal drives, deriving sexual pleasure from any part of the body. The objects and modes of sexual satisfaction are multifarious, directed at every object that might provide pleasure"
“Ya. But, isn’t this concept fascinating?"
“See, everyone wants a slave at his core"
“And what if it’s a sex slave"
“And an assistant"
“Wait a minute"
“How can an app become a sex slave?"
“You cannot fuck the app, can you?"
“Well it can help you visualize"
“Maybe help you explore your body so that you get pleasure from all over"
“And also assist you in other daily chores"
“Basically a virtual girl friend?"
“Well. A better one! :)"
“And she will not nag! ROFL"
“For once I am beginning to like your nerdiness"
“And imagine how popular it would become?"
“I am gonna be rich and super famous"
“You better take my autograph now itself…. He he!!!"
“Dude, chill!!"
“Alright, can we get back to the topic please?"
“But what do you want me to say? It was adventurous and funnnn"
“Details, details!!!"
“Actually I wanted to talk to someone… ha ha"
“Come on da"
“It was actually kinda weird"
“It was the day before. I was at the library. Should be 9-9:30"
“She called if I was at the library. Then she landed up. As soon as she came, she acted weird"
“She was being unreasonable at every step"
“She had a problem with anything I said"
“But machan, she is slightly bonkers"
“I thought you are weird but she will put you to shame"
“Ha ha"
“She got on to video chat with some random black kid"
“She seduced him, made him undress on screen and completely rained on his parade"
“Can you believe this?"
“Once the guy was naked, she used the decoy software and took a video file that had some bikini clad old hags laugh at him"
“That’s wicked… ROFL"
“Totally :)"
“But that whole episode kinda turned me on.. he he"
“She is totally aggressive machan"
“And she changes her mood like a pendulum on coke"
“I resisted my temptation and sat there didn’t know where to look"
“But I should definitely tell you…she is so hot"
“As soon as the black kid prank was over, she started laughing little hysterically"
“I did kinda join in; well it was funny looking at the kid’s reaction and disappointment"
“Wasn’t anyone there in the library?"
“Surprisingly empty. Come to think about it. Ya very strange"
“Then she started crying da"
“What? Why?"
“She said, there was no one for her. She wanted me to take care of her" “But the position I was then, I would have said yes, even if she wanted me to lick her feet"
“Shameless asshole"
“What the hell! Anyways!"
“I then placed my hands on her thigh…just to comfort her ok!"
“She came and leaned towards me. She was still crying."
“I couldn’t stop looking at her breasts. The shirt that she was wearing was tight and really accentuated her curves"
“She came really close to me and led my hands into her shirt"
“I was getting really scared. What if some prof walked in? We were in a corner but still"
“Felt nice da machan"
“Then she started making sounds what sounded like a moaning cry"
“I was completely taken up. Her breasts were firm da"
“I am not lying da"
“Then she started crying again" “Tears came down like a waterfall. She said that she felt miserable and felt like a whore"
“I didn’t know what to do. I removed my hand from inside her shirt. I placed both my hands on her cheeks and assured her that I would be there for her. And that we were lovers and we could share everything"
“As soon as I said lovers; she looked deep into my eyes. It was very deep and scary"
“We stared at each other for a brief moment"
“She rested her head on my chest and I hugged her. We remained there like that for some couple of minutes"
“Suddenly something lit up for her"
“You know she has this sudden spurt of energy, which is quite unnerving"
“She literally jumped off the chair and took my hand and swiftly walked to the back of the library"
“She led me to some place which was dark around the old books section"
“I wasn’t sure what might happen"
“Truth be told, I was so turned on and horny then, I so wanted to fuck her"
“But I was not in charge"
“There was this door to a small room. It looked like a store room for old torn books"
“She knew this place. She came straight for this room"
“She kicked the door to a close and pushed herself on to me" “Her boobs felt nice on my chest"
“She is such a good kisser you know, tongue and all, machaan!!!"
“After she kissed, she withdrew and sat on a small stool opposite and started crying"
“I am like what the heck is happening"
“I said what happened?"
“She said that she was really low. You know she looked at me and started begging if I could make her feel happy. She unbuttoned her shirt exposing herself totally. Wow! She is huge da!"
“But her eyes were strange da. It looked like she was yearning to be loved. Her forehead broke into so many lines that made her look slightly unattractive"
“But she is a devil I tell ya. Ha :)"
“She started rubbing her fingers against my dick. I was beginning to get slightly worried. Not worried, but slightly uncomfortable"
“You know what I mean?"
“She in quick moves pulled my pants and my vest down"
“She swallowed my dick and started sucking slightly aggressive"
“I was more consumed by anxiety and I am not sure if it was pleasurable"
“I was also worried if someone might come"
“I didn’t know what to do, but slightly began to like it"
“She knew it man!!"
“She was goodddd!!!"
“Then all of a sudden she withdrew herself. Went back, wiped her mouth with her hands, rather disgustingly and left"
“What do you mean left?"
“Yes she just left the room"
“She took her shirt and left"
“Before I could realize what had happened, she was gone"
“I was like, what the hell just happened?"
“I pulled up my pants and ran behind"
“Just didn’t find her"
“I was also feeling very hurt and angry"
“I don’t know if I should feel sad for you or laugh at you"
“What the fuck"
“But one thing for sure, stay away for her. She is a freak"
“Though I felt very angry that night, I feel something was troubling her. Somehow I feel responsible. You know what I mean?"
“Absolutely not! Can I tell you something?"
“Think you are in love"
“But, please please, stay away from her"
“For your own good"
“She spells trouble"
“But but, she is so fucking hot. What do I do?"
“Then hang in there high and dry"
“Shut the fuck up"
“Seriously , you just watched with your dick out? LMAOOOOOO"
“Fuck off"