Charu, are you okay?" asked Alex, “I am sorry for my message. Anwar still feels that it could be Sam. But you played well," he smiled in confidence.

Charu did not reciprocate his smile or concern. She looked blank.

“I am tired, I want to go home," she said and looked at Alex with disdain. Alex and Anwar nodded in unison.

Perhaps I should go out into a cave where there are no people, actually no men, for a brief time.

“Perhaps I should go out into a cave where there are no people, actually no men, for a brief time. I am sorry, I know both of you are trying to help, but I hope you understand how I feel. All these games are taking a toll on my sanity. I want to scream loud, very loud. Perhaps there is someone faraway who really understands me," she said and smiled at them formally.

“I am going to throw-away my phones, laptop, everything, all electronic devices. I should have done this much earlier. Thanks so much for all the help, perhaps let’s end this atleast for now. I am now going, I am going to sleep. I am tired."

“I feel like committing suicide now. Exactly how I feel now. Feel very dirty and hopeless," she said and walked away.


“Stop sulking. Come to my room right away, I say."

Mani sent an SMS to Hari. The smoky yellow light from an incandescent bulb engulfed the room. He was resting on the bed with his left arm tucked under his head.

"Babies, I am so mind-fucked," Charu dashed into Mani's room and fell flat on her back near Mani. He was completely caught off guard. Charu came directly to Mani’s room from the café.

“I am angry and frustrated. I have no energy. I just want to run away from everyone," she said.

Mani remained on the bed silently for a few minutes. He felt nervous about what Hari might think walking in and seeing Charu and him lying side by side on the bed.

“What happened? Did the stalker send you anything obscene?" he asked.

“Please don’t ask anything, will you? I am just fucking mad at everybody now," she retorted. “You men have no balls, seriously. All losers," she was definitely angry.

Mani excused himself and made it to the toilet. “Of course, sure," she replied.

Mani was irritated at her behaviour lately, “we know you are going through a tough time, but stop whining all the time. It’s just plain irritating now. We all have our issues. Deal with it," he spoke gently inside the toilet.

He wanted to spend time with Hari before he left for Dharmapuri, his home. Since Hari’s father and sister were coming the next day, and may not find enough time with him, Mani decided to go home and spend the weekend with his mother. She had been unwell intermittently.

“I have to leave in a few hours, and this girl lands up," he voiced in his head and opened the door.

To his utter surprise, he found Hari hugging Charu, with her face buried in his chest. Hari signalled that she was crying. Mani nodded and sat on a chair in the corner, but turned his head away in frustration.

“Shucks, I am sorry. I am not going to cry. I am sorry. I hate to be a wimp," she said and pulled herself up. “Think I will just go."

“Hey, it’s okay," comforted Hari.

“I feel very vulnerable and I feel like I might break anytime," she said.

Both of them looked at each other nervously.

“I am off. Can I leave all my stuff here? My phones, laptop everything? Don’t pick up even if my phone rings. I will pick up my stuff tomorrow. Good night guys. So if I decide to die I will call you. Make sure you pick up my call," she smiled and closed the door behind.

In lightning speed, Mani pushed Hari on the bed and poured an avalanche of kisses and soon began to smooch. It was a full-blooded kiss; Mani inserted his tongue into Hari's mouth and allowed it to reach his throat. Hari felt stifled. He pressed Mani's arms tightly to communicate his discomfort. But that did not deter Mani's aggression. Mani's mouth soon moved to Hari's ear lobes and began sucking it with vigour. Hari began to enjoy this move and lay motionless on the bed.

After some initial protest, Hari completely submitted himself to Mani now. Mani continued to suck on Hari's ear lobes which left him delirious. In a swift move Mani pulled down Hari's shorts and lubricated his backside with Vaseline. He felt the pink flesh at the borders of Hari's arsehole throb. This caught Hari completely off guard and before he could recover, Mani pushed him on his stomach and penetrated him. The pain was excruciating for Hari. Mani was so consumed in his carnal rage that he became completely dead to Hari's screams of pain. After some time, when Hari started to howl in pain, Mani pushed his head to the pillow so that his screams could not be heard by others.

In lightning speed, Mani pushed Hari on the bed and poured an avalanche of kisses and soon began to smooch. It was a full-blooded kiss.

Mani rolled over on his back feeling accomplished and fully satisfied. Hari pushed him away when he caressed his back and rushed to the toilet and bolted it. It took a while and there was no sight of Hari. Mani got worried and called out for Hari, "hey is everything okay?"

"Fuck off Mani, I don't want to see you anymore. Do you realise what you did? You bloody raped me man. You couldn't even hear me scream?" Hari screamed from inside the toilet.

"But, I thought you enjoyed it. It's normal to feel pain during anal sex. Don't worry. I would never imagine hurting you Hari. Please come out," begged Mani.

"You just don't realise, do you? The way you did it was exactly what that damned uncle of mine did to me. Couldn’t you even hear me howling?"

"Please get out. I don't want to see you again," Hari's voice was shaking in anger and he refused to get out of the toilet.

"I am sorry Hari. I am really sorry. I don't know what happened to me. Can you please open the door? I am worried now," Mani placed his ears closed to the door.

"No please go, I will be fine. But we are through. Please leave," Hari was adamant.

"Please Hari, don't say that. Please forgive me, please," he begged again.

Hari did not respond.

"I do not want to leave like this when your birthday is tomorrow. My mother is also not well. And I am leaving to Dharmapuri tonight," pleaded Mani.

"Mani, please go. Take care of your mother. I am not in a mood to speak now. Please leave," Hari was unrelenting.

"I am sorry. Will call you tomorrow," Mani walked out feeling guilty and miserable.

While the emotional drama unfolded a tiny red light from Charu's mobile phone placed on the table blinked directly at the bed.